contemporary art with author's technique, light painting

light painting is complex author's visual art technique, which consists of four visual art principles

space principle

objects are formed of recyclable and impermanent or reusable materials

light principle

objects are illuminated by artificial light and daylight

record principle

objects are captured through digital photography

experiment principle

the author's technique is constantly being developed and innovated

contemporary art with high technology

physically made paintings are originals

ceramic printing

final image is printed on glass and becomes its part, it is a very durable printing technology, its main advantage is possibility of placing the picture to exterior, printing ink is baked into the glass at 600 °C, the image is attached to aluminum frame

nano printing

final image is printed on glass and becomes its part, it is significant by extreme color range and detailed depiction, printing ink is baked between two glasses at 300 °C, the image is attached to aluminum frame

printed celluloid, acrylic glass printing

the resulting image is printed on a celluloid, which features unusual light properties or transparency, the technology allows connection with other classical art techniques such as drawing, graphics or painting, characterized by an extreme color range and detailed rendering of the image, the celluloid is laminated on acrylic glass, image captured in aluminum frame or without frame, with gripping device on the back of acrylic glass

all of the above mentioned printing technologies allow for back lighting of images that are permanently installed in a specific interior

resin embossed printing

the resulting image is laminated to an aluminum plate and embedded in resin, featuring extreme color range and detailed image rendering, a high gloss finish associates with a digital display screen, timeless frame-free image hanging, with a gripping device forming a levitating distance from the wall or settling on a plinth

digital media and projection technology

the resulting image is displayed on the screen in the form of digital photography, animation or film, projected on classic and non-traditional projection screens, objects and sculptures, the electronic nature of the image allows the use of digital art techniques such as video mapping, reality moving image based on cinematography

the virtual form of all works, both sold and unsold, can be used in exhibition and art activities in public and social space, one of the main senses of creation is the broad and continuous effect and reach, increasing the artistic value of the work

contemporary art with content

the work deals with the very meaning of art, creative power, perception, focuses on man, on his / her inner life, quality of experience, relation to life and everything that exceeds it, impact of art on man

contemporary art with theme

creation deals with topics such as freedom, experiment, faith, birth, family, self-image, mental and physical health, lifestyle, self-reflection, objectivity and subjectivity, contrast, approximation of broader context, abstract concepts and phenomena, unreal situation, existence, time, story

contemporary art with words

the work is also associated with creative writing, each image has its own unique name, there is also a free associative text of the work specification in the work section, which is the basis for further work in a wider context

The text is applied in the creation of conceptual exhibition systems and in all art projects in the public space

in another level it refers to artistic movements such as lettrism, dadaism, surrealism, poetism, observes the moment when the word loses its readability and acts as an aesthetic shape or line

contemporary art with relaxation

images can be used when working with the relaxation method snoezelen, when working in a multisensory environment, light images become part of relaxation, within which they have innumerable forms, meanings and practical impacts and influence the healing process, images can be complemented with an element of interactivity experience with art, the resulting image is used in a multisensory environment made of suitable materials

contemporary art with price

value and price can have a relationship to each other, the paintings of lililei carry the value of a satisfied family life without meaningless pressure, entering a world where it is normal to help and spend time together, the cost of artistic work depends on these values of life

contemporary art with charity

art that is not self-centered, interested in the needs of others, the stated and appropriately chosen amount from the sale of each work is dedicated to specific charitable purposes that you can influence, tips for charity help write to

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